Our Laboratory

We have a large laboratory for testing to guarantee the quality of products in all manufacture stages. All the activities are carried out by a qualified team according to NR10 norm.

Prepared to perform various tests for polymeric fittings for electrical network, classified as:

Initial Type Test
Routine testing
Receipt Tests

In this way we can evaluate the material performances and improve the process continuously.

Resistance Tests of to to electrical tracking (NBR 10296 and IEC 6058)
Tensile test applied to dry and rainfall (NBR 6936 / NBR 6939)
Mechanical tests (traction, compression, bending, twisting, torque and impact)
Thermal aging in a circulating air oven according to CODI 18.24
Dielectric compatibility test according to CODI 18.24
Water absorption according to NBR NM IEC 60811-1-3 / 01
Tracking wheel according to CODI 18.28
Liquido penetrante no núcleo conforme norma CODI 18.2
Water penetration of in the core according to CODI 18.28